Tech Tats turn skin into an interface

Chaotic Moon designed a collection of temporary electronic tattoos that may be a smarter alternative to clunky wearables.

Chaotic Moon is a mobile company that does far more than just widgets and apps. Its latest development is a series of wearable electronic tattoos, designed to turn your skin into an interactive dashboard of sorts. They look like glow-in-the-dark, sticker tattoos with built-in metal chips but the genius lies in what they can do.

Instead of actually implanting a circuit board into the skin, Chaotic Moon uses electroconductive paint and a mini controller to create a temperature-sensor circuit system for receiving and collecting data. This means that the tattoos can operate like electronic wearables and are able to monitor vital signs, track fitness and will soon support gesture-based payment authorisations.

Chaotic Moon calls  the tattoos, “biowearables” because the technology isn’t a bulky device that sits on your wrist. It blends in with everyday life, allowing seamless interaction on the user’s skin. The company aims to make the tattoos accessible to the public and are even thinking about packaging their product in a type of Band-Aid box.