Students’ stop-motion animation of a Beatles classic

A group of AAA School of Advertising students have created a colourful contemporary video for the Beatles song “Come Together”.

From the Series

A group of AAA School of Advertising students has made the most out of the dreaded group work project by giving a classic Beatles song a fresh coat of paint. 

The group designed and produced a stop-motion animation video using photography for the bluesy “Come Together”. In the video several sets of brightly painted limbs interact with one another to create a visually interesting story.
“The colour palette we used throughout the music video was inspired by the psychedelic style of the era in which the song was produced, in conjunction with the band's compelling career at the time,” says student Princess Kabeya.
Using the tempo of the music as a guide, the video shows deconstructed and detached body parts painted from yellow to purple interacting and coming together.
Kabeya says they wanted to “convey and evoke raw emotion and a physical feeling among viewers”.
The video was produced through the combined efforts of AAA School of Advertising students Nicola De Goede, Jodi Patel, Roxanne Simpson, Tarien Bruwer, Klara Niemand, Princess Kabeya, Jamy Silver and Ruairi Hammond.