Japanese interactive designer Masashi Kawamura takes us on a journey through a world of real and animated shadows in this music video.

Real objects and animation come together in this music video for popular Japanese band Androp that tells the story of sacrifice and freedom.

Japanese interactive designer Masashi Kawamura and Jamie Carreiro along with team members from his creative lab, PARTY NY, were asked to develop a concept and produce a music video for the band’s newest single, "Shout".

“The song is about the desire to live life to the fullest," says band member UchiSawa Takashi Hitoshi. Kawamura created a winged figure that features across every scene of the music video: a bird searching for freedom.

“The 'shout' is about the inner cry of people trying to become their ideal self. We wanted to visualise that emotion, which cannot be seen from the outside, by using shadows cast by objects that can only be seen when light is cast from a certain angle”, explains Kawamura.

Cut-outs of figures and words align to reveal a story using shadows: “It’s a story of a 'birdman' getting captured and sent to the zoo, but he sacrifices himself to become free again with his loved one," says Kawamura.

Kawamura and team shot the shadows and animations using a handheld projector rigged with a programme that can trigger animations on top of shadows in real time. 

Watch the making of the video here: