Seeing nature in an unusual way

The Flow installation of Maotik offers a unique view of the weather around us.

Inspired by the natural phenomenon of oceanic tides, Montréal-based digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd (also known as Maotik) has developed an immersive exhibition experience called Flow. It is a combination of meteorology software (drawing together data of prevailing weather conditions) and physical sensors (tracking the position of visitors inside the space) that give Flow its flow.

The installation offers an unusual sensory experience. Real-time weather data is fed into Flow, taking into account the moon’s position, wind speed, humidity and temperature. The viewer’s own physicality is also made part of the display, as Flow’s software reacts to footsteps and touch with rippling visual effects. These variables all contribute to the peaks, ebb and hue of the light projection inside the exhibition space.

Although Flow’s generative software is complex and its unique & immersive light output is visually engaging, its application remains ethereal. According to the artist’s website, “The project will try to envelop the audience in a virtual universe abstract enough to allow daydreaming and free interpretation.”