The Purpose Hotel hopes to change the world while you sleep

The Purpose Hotel is designed to change the lives of everyone involved in the design, by connecting all of the products, furniture and fittings to a cause.

The Purpose Hotel is the first hotel of its kind. Everything from the fittings to the bed spreads has a purpose, and the purpose is to improve life, return dignity and provide a sustainable income to those in need. In an age when people seek personalised experiences and the hotel industry is loosing out to platforms like Airbnb, which offer the comfort of a home away from home, The Purpose Hotel is aiming to bring some heart back to hospitality. 

The project is currently raising money on Kickstarter, where the founder – photographer Jeremy Cowart – is asking donors to become cofounders of the first Purpose Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Everything that a hotel guest interacts with, from the linen to the soap, is connected to a meaningful idea. Each room supports the education of a child, whose personal story is printed on the wall by the door. The bedspreads are sewn by survivors of human trafficking. Wifi is free but can be upgraded to a faster connection for a fee; the money then goes towards the fight against human trafficking. The art on the walls features important humanitarian projects around the world. A co-working space offers guests the chance to collaborate with each other, and everything lends itself to the creation of a purpose-driven community.

Finally, your receipt doesn’t just outline where you have spent money: it indicates where you have made an impact. 

There is a growing trend towards technology, art and design meeting justice and microenterprise. In September 2015, Benjamin Hubert of Layer Design Studio launched Worldbeing, a wearable that helps the user track their carbon footprint and work towards decreasing their impact on the environment. The Purpose Hotel is a new addition to the wave of conscious consumerism. 

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