A poncho designed especially for cyclists

The Boncho, by VANMOOF, is a poncho designed especially for cyclists to use in the rain.

Rain can be big problem when you are traveling around on a bicycle. Even good jackets don’t keep you hands, legs and shoes dry. But that was until the VANMOOF Boncho came along.

VANMOOF, founded in Amsterdam by brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, is a design firm committed to creating the world’s best commuter bikes. The team claim to be obsessed with removing all the barriers that would stop someone choosing to ride their bike on any given day, and weather is a big barrier.

When worn, the Boncho creates an extended umbrella structure around the body that shelters the hands over the handlebars and forms a cover for the cyclist’s legs and feet. Because it is open from the underneath, the structure is breathable and the rider won't get sweaty and hot.

The Boncho then packs up small in a similar way to pop-up tent.

The Boncho has been launched on Kickstarter, and VANOOF have already far exceeded their funding goal. Because of its success, the team are planning to add an additional feature to each Boncho to make them ultra-visible at night.

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