Place your finger on the screen and watch this music video explode

Interactive video maestro Masashi Kawamura’s fun new production for Japanese pop princess Namie Amuro’s “Golden Touch”.

In Masashi Kawamura’s new music video you can electrocute a man, put mustard on a hotdog and scratch vinyl on the decks – all with the tip of your finger.

Made for Japanese pop princess Namie Amuro’s track, “Golden Touch”, the video invites viewers to place their index finger on a supposedly interactive button on the screen.

As the video plays, a colourful world of cleverly composed images explodes from the tip of your finger. You pop a balloon, spin a basketball, press a clown’s nose. Well, not exactly – all those things would happen even if your finger weren’t there. Kawamura has simply created the illusion that you are the one in control. 

It’s a fun game that conveys the message of the pop star’s song with light-hearted creativity.

“We wanted to create a music video that allows you to virtually experience how it feels to have a ‘Golden Touch’,” says Kawamura, the creative director at creative lab, PARTY. He co-directed the video with Kenji Yamashita from LOGAN, an award-winning creative production studio based in New York and Los Angeles.