New Music City

#FilmFestFridays presents "New Music City", a short film about Nashville's music scene, one of America's music heartlands.

New Music City is a short, insightful documentary that digs deep into one of America’s musical heartlands, Nashville.

London-based director Ben Strebel spent time uncovering the musical heritage of Nashville, looking to how and why it came to be known as “music city”.

Despite the fact that Nashville is a small town, with a population of just 600 000, it is home to many great session musicians and boasts music venues and recording studios on every corner and around every block.

The film introduces a new generation of very talented musicians who are making it happen, and then there are those that have left behind a struggling existence in New York or Los Angeles and now call Nashville home.

Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and Jack White have all moved to Nashville to start their own labels.