Modern Cultural Curators: Bokja

#FilmFestFridays presents "Modern Cultural Creators: Bokja" – a short film about a Beirut-based company specialising in textiles.

There are many strands to Bokja, a Beirut-based company that has flourished since its launch in 2000.

At the heart of the company are founders Hoda Barodi and Maria Hibri. "I think we were meant to be together, to join those forces that we are. We never thought it would last that long – it's been 13 years now," says Hibri.

The duo take inspiration from their home city, Beirut using the city’s beauty and ugliness as juxtapositions. "We see it as a democratic exercise in design to put contrasting things together to create a dialogue," adds Hibri.

The company specialises in textile designs that derive from different origins. From Afghanistan to Spain and China, their work portrays a global reflection of the textile industry.

Our work is more expressive and resourceful than you can expect from any other design, says Hibri.

The Bokja range, whose clientele includes Christian Louboutin and Julia Roberts, extends from bespoke furniture to cushions, stuffed fabric animals and T-shirts. The work is marked by the poetic use of colour, modern femininity, an emphasis of craftsmanship and the sustainable use of available materials.