Life is Music

Masashi Kawamura and his creative lab PARTY have created a music video for the Japanese band SOUR using actual CDs to make the entire animation.

Masashi Kawamura and his team at PARTY have created an experimental music video for SOUR's new song Life is Music.

Kawamura launched his SOUR "Life is Music" phenakistoscopic music video project on Kickstarter on 9 October 2013. By 17 October the project had successfully raised its goal of $2000.

The song "Life is Music" is about the circle of life and aims to reveal how music is a rhythm maker. Using this concept, Kawamura and PARTY came up with the idea to use real spinning CD discs as a phenakistoscope – an early animation device that used the persistence of vision principle to create an illusion of motion.

We created the entire music video using 300 spinning CDs, says Kawamura.

The discs used in the creation of the music video are now being sold as numbered limited editions, enabling fans to purchase a piece of the project.

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