LA strikes silver with the Liquid Shard

Los Angeles citizens add shimmer to outdated public park with a massive installation called "Liquid Shard".

In this recent project, Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics aims to give a stroke of ethereal luster to a drab LA city square. Dubbed the "Liquid Shard", this massive installation was created with help from the Los Angeles Visiting School and many, many pieces of holographic mylar.

Pershing Square is considered by many Los Angelenos to be overdue for renovation. The public park (last changed in 1994) features several water fountains, a 10-story purple bell tower and a raised walkway that reflects the shape of a tectonic fault line.

But on 1 August the public space gained a shimmery crown: a vast net of rope that is suspended from the top of the bell tower to the western corner of the public space, carrying thousands of glittery locks.

One section of the square is now draped in a blanket of shining strands. From afar, the installation looks like a massive shoal of airborne fish swimming with the breeze. The billowy mass of crystalline silver film adopts a natural and calming character. The Liquid Shard appears quite removed from its stagnant concrete surroundings, yet fits in with the picturesque views of the city skyline.  

The company behind it, Poetic Kinetics, have a history of creating colossal sculptures and interactive installations. Their nature-inspired designs have become a staple of the popular music and art festival, Coachella. The Liquid Shard will remain on display in Pershing Square, Los Angeles, until 11 August.