Google's Project Sunroof brings solar panels to your doorstep

Google has unveiled Project Sunroof, a tool to determine how much money you could save with solar panels.

Google's latest contribution will allow users to test whether solar panels would be a cost-efficient energy producer based on their unique circumstances. The tech giant's Project Sunroof aims to calculate the best solar plan for the user with the use of its expansive data in mapping and computing resources.

Project Sunroof compiles a solar panel report by searching a given address in Google Maps. It then combines that information with other databases to create a personalized analysis of your roof.

The programme calculates how much sunlight hits your roof in a year, taking into account Google's database of aerial imagery and maps, 3D modeling of your roof, shadows cast by nearby structures and trees, and all possible sun positions over the course of a year.

The programme then recommends an installation size to generate close to 100 per cent of your electricity use based on roof size, the amount of sun hitting the roof, and your electricity bill.

You'll also receive information on how much the potential solar panels could set you back financially based on Google's analysis of current solar industry pricing data.

Finally, the tool will recommend solar panel providers in your area.

Project Sunroof is currently only available in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Fresno in the United States.