Fold, share, and connect with this high-tech bicycle

Designed in Argentina, the Gi FlyBike gives the daily bicycle commute a tech overhaul.

In the age of smart wearables and constant movement, it’s only natural that the daily commute of a cyclist get an upgrade to suit the modern millennial. The result of this pursuit is a lightweight, mobile integrated, eco-friendly, foldable bike called the Gi FlyBike. The brainchild of three passionate Argentinians, Gi FlyBike is expected to change the face of urban commuting on a global scale.

“We are so proud to announce Gi FlyBike and offer a better, more enjoyable solution that disrupts the way we think about our daily commute,” says tech-passionate entrepreneur Lucas Toledo.

Toledo partnered up with industrial designer Agustin Agostinoy and business guru Eric Sevillia to create a solution to Argentina’s national transport strike problem. They discovered that a bicycle is still the best way to get around, but it needed a tech overhaul. 

The 17kg bicycle’s most notable feature is its ability to fold at the drop of a hat, “in one second with one motion,” say its creators. The rest is a picture of complete convenience as the Gi FlyBike comes with electric assistance to help users up those steep hills, a GPS service that connects wirelessly to Android and iOS, and a USB phone charging port to keep the user connected at all times.

Gi FlyBike’s list of features goes on to include solid, anti-puncture tyres, belt drive to ensure maintenance free (no grease) riding, LED smart lights, and an automated lock system. And finally, no tech innovation would be complete without the option to share your bike with a friend.

“Gi FlyBike is an all-in-one bicycle that fulfils your tech savvy needs, adapts to your city, looks incredibly sleek and stylish and ultimately promotes a greener and better world,” says Toledo.

The team’s crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter garnered significant attention in just over a day of its launch.

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