Design Indaba 2010 Commercials

Watch our Let It Out TV ads

Inspired by the excitement in South Africa around 2010, and struck by the idea that most sports are represented by a national team, this year Design Indaba decided it high time creativity be given its due. Design Indaba 2010 was declared ‘The Creative Playing Field’. Conference speakers became the international touring team and a nationwide search for a local host team was launched. 

Upholding Design Indaba’s philosophy, that creativity exists within everyone, South Africans from all walks of life were encouraged to try out for the team by expressing their individuality creatively. The TV ads we ran profiled everyday South Africans who were proudly letting their creativity out. Hundreds of South Africans entered from children to grandmothers, telesalesmen to architects, nurses to photographers. The 11 members of the Design Indaba Superstars team were announced at the expo.