Amongst Inspiration – Steve Averill

#FilmFestFridays presents "Amongst Inspiration – Steve Averill": a short film offering a look at U2 art director Steve Averill's inspirations.

In the second series of inspiration-led films by Amongst Inspiration, we spend five minutes in the studio with U2 art director Steve Averill as he talks about the classic Joshua Tree album cover.

Everything around you inspires you in some way, says Averill.

U2 is one of the world’s biggest rock bands and for their art director Steve Averill, inspiration is endless and everywhere. "It comes from so many places: everyday life, things you read, life and everything you see," he says.

Averill’s interest in the ways in which music and design can intersect led him to pursue a career in designing album covers.

Speaking about the cover of the popular Joshua Tree album, Averill explains that the design derived from trying to find a way in which to convey the intersection of nature and an industrialised city.

He further speaks about the relationship he has with photographer Anton Corbijn and how their partnership allows for a bouncing board of ideas, inspirations and end results.

A particular idea that ends up being totally different is inspiration in itself, Averill says.

Amongst Inspiration – Steve Averill was shot and directed by James Cooper.