AbsorbPlate cuts calories by reducing grease on your plate

The dinner plate’s design has perforations in its surface to trap excess grease.

Thai Health Promotion Foundation has designed AbsorbPlate to reduce grease consumption. The plate’s surface is dotted with 500 perforations that retain the excess grease in your meal.

The plate was created specifically with traditional Thai food in mind, as it has notoriously high quantities of grease. As a result of bad eating habits, Thai people have the second highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia, as well as generally high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

According to the foundation, AbsorbPlate’s design was inspired by the surface of a sponge. The indentations catch and retain a portion of the grease in the meal. Their statistics reveal that seven millilitres of oil, around one and a half teaspoons or roughly 30 calories, is absorbed by the plate’s surface.