Tyler Pratt on designing simple things to solve everyday needs

Carleton University industrial design graduate Tyler Pratt makes simple, elegant products that solve everyday needs.

Industrial designer Tyler Pratt is known for his clean and practical designs:

“I am exploring materials, coming up with simplistic designs in an unorthodox way,” says Pratt. 

As one of the Global Design Graduates at Design Indaba Conference 2015, Pratt presented on his Carleton University School of Industrial Design thesis project: the Mosaic food preparation unit.

“Can I design a product that encourages people to eat a healthier diet?”

Mosaic was inspired by a desire to encourage users to eat a healthier and more balanced diet. During his research, Pratt observed that people are more likely to eat healthily if they eat at home and prepare their meals with others.

The final product is a modular cutting board, made of ceramic and local wood. Two people can use the board at once and the chopped ingredients can be stored in the ceramic compartments until they are ready for the pan.

What it is really about is cooking together. Not just consuming together, but also preparing a meal together.