Marian Bantjes turns to type

It was by pure coincidence that Marian Bantjes started working as a typesetter. Years later, she has refined it into a magnificent craft.
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Marian Bantjes talks about the fluke that got her working as a book typesetter for a publishing company where she learned the classical right-or-wrong rules of typography. Her work  is ornamental, over-the-top and undefinable. She talks about the her lettering handwork, patterning and precise vector art.

Love is an important part of the work that I do, both in my approach and in the final result, she says

Bantjes also talks about the design company that she ran for nine years. She eventually got bored of the usual “gamut” like posters, business cards and brochures, and decided to go it alone, being true to her original style.

Every creative should have a list of criteria that drives their work. Marian Bantjes tell that hers include curiosity and wonder.