WEEF | Handmade Leather Ties

At WEEF we believe that leather is timeless. We use the medium to make bold, new statements.
WEEF | Handmade Leather Ties
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WEEF creates handmade leather accessories for men. They're currently focusing on handmade leather ties, bow ties and pocket squares. In 2013 two good friends had a vision and WEEF was born. Its founders, Dévan and Patrick met while working at a design studio in Cape Town. They shared a deep love and appreciation for South African arts and crafts. Inspired by the drive and culture of the country, they set out to develop their very own lifestyle brand. The WEEF journey had begun. Multiple production companies were approached to create their first designs, with varying degrees of success. After much hard work and deliberation, they took the bold leap of investing in their own equipment and team. Since then, they've had the creative freedom to turn their wildest ideas into actual products. In turn, they have also provided meaningful work and income for local makers and suppliers. The WEEF story has been a brave and bold one; of taking chances, working hard, persevering, and sticking to your principles - the way of a true gentleman. For Dévan and Patrick, establishing their own business and doing what they love and believe in has been a dream come true, and a path to self-actualisation. Now they want to share that dream with the world and empower others to do the same.