Tyla Stallbom

An aspiring product designer eager to step onto the scene and establish her own business in South Africa.

Tyla Stallbom completed her BTech in Industrial Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Stallbom wants to use the momentum she’s generated academically and through the Emerging Creatives programme to start her own product design company in the real world.

Her most successful project, a range of six locally designed and produced camera straps called Lunar Straps, puts emphasis on local textile production and has gained interest from multiple retailers. You can see the full range on their website www.lunarstraps.co.za. It is the only product that she’s taken to the market so far, though she plans to develop her other creations to the same level and beyond. Now, Stallbom is focusing on the networking side of her ambitions and looking for the right contacts to elevate her business.