TURNER STUDIO develops experimental textiles and garment construction techniques to create luxurious yet unconventional artefacts.
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South Africa / Durban


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TURNER STUDIO showcased their debut collection on numerous platforms including the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives programme, South African Fashion Week, and Beijing Graduate Fashion Week in 2017. The collection focused on hand-felted and fringed textiles made from 100 per cent merino wool. The conceptual silhouettes made for an innovative childrenswear range were inspired by Icelandic folklore. The collection also explored experimental, seamless construction techniques. TURNER STUDIO has since collaborated with STOKPERD on a range of hand-felted and knitted cushions. These cushions celebrate a return to a more honest approach to luxury – objects were valued by how difficult they were to make and how good it felt to hold them. Currently, TURNER STUDIO is in the process of developing a ladieswear collection informed by social, political and environmental issues. The collection will continue to push the boundaries of textile development and garment construction techniques.