Tomo Kihara

Playful interventionist and design researcher.

Playful interventionist and design researcher, Tomo Kihara develops situated playful interventions to challenge and reframe societal issues. His recent project - Street Debaters - aims to change the act of begging into a job to create public discourse through playful artifacts.  

His projects to reframe societal issues through design activism has been acclaimed internationally, with project phonvert -  project to raise awareness of the potential that retired smartphones have -  being nominated as Design of the Year 2016 by the London Design Museum.

Street Debaters also won the Grand Prix of WIRED Creative Hack Award 2017.

Originally from Tokyo, he is now a graduate student based at TU Delft, Design for Interaction program in the Netherlands. 

He will be speaking as part of Design Indaba Conference 2018's Global Grads. Book your conference ticket.