Simone de Gale Architects

Award-winning Simone de Gale Architects explore innovation and modern forms of architecture in London and internationally.

Through their work, Simone de Gale Architects (SGA) explore contemporary practices of architecture while combining functional spaces and style. SGA signature style creates timeless architecture and celebrates classical forms interlaced with innovative structures.Their designs are manifested with advanced materials and combine sustainable construction methods and technologies.

Simone de Gale Architects design innovative architectural propositions for its clients. The business provides sound architectural advice to clients in relation to all matters associated with planning legislation, building regulations and contractual obligations. They offer a range of services, from master-planning, architecture, interior and conceptual design.

The Simone de Gale Architects process is simple. They take aspirations for a project and work with each client to make it a reality. They do this through their understanding of planning legislation and building regulation requirements added to their creativity, use of materials and unique ideas.