Shauna Neill

The Shauna Neill brand ethos is deeply rooted in the desire to create accessories which appeal to contemporary women who want something unique and considered.

All of Shauna Neill's jewellery pieces are handmade in Durban, South Africa, by a small team of previously unemployed ladies, using locally produced materials.

The newest collection, Bopha (a Zulu word meaning "to tie") takes inspiration from African tribal women in an earthy colour palette with an industrial edge. The materials used include rope, wood, thread, leather, and copper. The range alludes to the tribal tradition of wearing wealth around the neck and celebrates a form of expression with dramatic, bold pieces taking centre stage, second to clothing.

Incorporating their original collection, Blossom, the Ring Ring Bling range embraces the versatility of wire, a traditional African material, and the natural, tactile nature of wood, to create a beautiful, handmade range of wood and wire statement necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

“I never create a piece that I would not wear myself, which keeps me true to what I believe is good design and good workmanship.” – Shauna Neill