Shamara Brenna

A Conceptual Designer with an interest in the way children use toys to learn and grow.

Shamara-Gabriella Brenna is a Conceptual Designer with a core focus on children. Her passion is achieved through various activities aimed at creating empowered leaders through her modelling academy, Little Charmers, based in Johannesburg. 

She has recently collaborated with a fellow South African company 'Sibahle Collection' whose vision of creating a better understanding of diversity through children perfectly aligns with her own.

The product they will be launching at Design Indaba is a range of multi-ethnic dolls. These dolls were developed for our children to understand and appreciate the uniqueness an individual contributes to our rich and diverse culture. By interacting with multi-cultural dolls, children will be able to recognise and embrace their differences from a young age. Shamara's goal is to create a movement for change through children by continuously partnering with like-minded companies to achieve this ideal.