Sello Stephen Johnson

Sello Stephen Johnson is a self-taught photographer.

Sello Stephen Johnson is a self-taught photographer who's been passionately working his way up to becoming a one fashion photographer and illustrator. He considers himself as a portrait photographer. He enjoys the medium as it allows him to engage with the subject on a personal level.

His journey began when he started taking pictures with his Iphone 4. Symmetrical objects like streets, buildings, landmarks, theatres and even elements of nature always intrigued him. He always found satisfaction in capturing the way in which basic elements connect to form structures.

Johnson's journey as a photographer stems from the use of camera phones. Despite using the most basic cameras he was able to capture moments that explained itself through its depiction and that’s where his enigmatic passion for photography rooted from.

He fell in love with the way images spoke to him and the way in which it dispenses thought to such an extent that the person looking at the image needs no explanation. It’s about the way in which images speak for themselves and tell their own stories that make it so alluring. Johnson's unwavering passion continues to fuel his journey as a photographer and he continues to strive for ceaseless growth in his career as a photographer.