Patrick Coyne

Patrick Coyne, editor of the influential graphic arts magazine Communication Arts, co-hosted the first Design Indaba in 1995, chairing panel discussions and presenting sessions. Coyne has attended and participated in many of the world’s premier design and graphic arts conferences and reported on them in his magazine. During this trip he did an investigation on South African design for an in-depth article in a Communication Arts.

Communication Arts is the world’s largest professional journal for designers, art directors, design firms, agencies and corporate communication departments. Current paid circulation is 63 000 internationally. Through editorials, feature articles and annual competitions, CA provides new ideas and information, while promoting the highest professional standards for the industry. In addition to determining the layout and content of the magazine, Coyne writes feature stories and the editor’s column. Prior to joining CA, Coyne was a principal in a multi-disciplinary San-Francisco-based design firm.