Why does Nando's, a global success story for its South African roots and delicious flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, support SA creativity and Design Indaba?

Because they matter! More than that… because we love them! Design, the arts, music...they make the world a better, deeper, more delicious and connected place. They definitely make our chicken taste even better! And Design Indaba? Well, it flips the world map and puts South African creativity at the top of the world, which makes Nando’s homegrown South African heart burst with pride!

At Nando’s we feel a heartfelt connection to South African creativity, because it defines us as much as it defines the South African art, music and design that we celebrate and support.

When people think "Nando’s" the instant mental picture that comes to their mind (or tastebuds for that matter) is generally "Mmmm… super tasty flame-grilled South African PERi-PERi chicken and chips!" (which, to be honest, does of course work pretty well for us!). BUT… inside the heart of Nando’s our drive and, in fact, our success, has always come from living-out-loud our belief that our business is actually about celebrating people, life, love, courageous adventure, untameable creativity and unique, authentic connections of integrity. Design, the arts and music are really a creative expression of the same common values, as is Design Indaba.

South Africa’s creativity uplifts, expands and connects us all in way that’s beyond the sum of its’ heartbeats. So Nando’s brings art, music, design, people and food together in our restaurants and beyond, because we can’t imagine life without any of them, or without open-heartedly celebrating and sharing proudly homegrown South African’s do.