Mirjam de Bruijn

Mirjam de Bruijn's work questions the way we use our everyday products.


Mirjam de Bruijn is a young designer who graduated recently from Design Academy Eindhoven. Her project, Twenty questions the packaging and sustainability of our everyday products. She asks that we rethink these products to design for a better future. 

She found that almost all of our liquid cosmetics and household products contain about 80 per cent water - which we transport and package while millions of people do not have access to clean water at home.

She designed a system where the product, the 20 per cent, can be bought in capsule form and prepared using water from the consumer's home using a resuable bottle. Her concept won several prizes after her graduation and her success has enabled her to start a collaboration with a co-founder and several universities in order to transform the concept into a working product, starting with the first ever dissolvable shampoo capsule.