Masonwabe Ntloko

Masonwabe a designer who has beaten the odds in pursuit of his dream.

Masonwabe Ntloko is a 20 year-old designer who’s currently based in Johannesburg. He started out at the Nelson Mandela University where he did introductory studies in art and design. During his studies he went from graphic design to textile design.

In May 2017, he hosted his first solo exhibition, which introduced him to the South African art industry.

Masonwabe is not only an emerging designer, but also a survivor. In late 2012 – he was diagnosed with optic nerve failure, but that did not stop him. “Instead of  feeling sorry for myself, I decided to change my attitude.” 

Authentic African ideas brought across in a modern unorthodox way is what his designs represent. In this, he combines the lines of simplicity and elegance. This design style has celebrities all over clamouring to be in his work.