Luchwayito Vena

Luchwayito Vena is a photographer and journalism student from Rhodes University.

Luchwayito Vena is a Journalism student at Rhodes University and the brains behind Geminivision, a creative company with a particular focus on the art of photography. Hailing from Alice, a small town in the Eastern Cape, Vena's style of photography is taking everyday life and turning it into extraordinary photography.

The creative's work is comprised of conceptual street photography, which aims to project the unspoken words of the creative language into a visual expression. Highly focused on fusing imagination with reality and consciousness, the creative is incredibly inspired by the spirit of the youth culture, encompassing constructive elements derived from all creative spheres.

For the young creative, art defines the person he is and the person he is constantly trying to be every day. According to Vena, art is the expression and articulation of the human imagination and emotions delivered through creativity. He values the message and storytelling that is delivered through art. Art has given him a voice to express himself and make an impact on other people’s lives by telling their stories through image creation.

His most successful creative project to date is an exhibition he hosted exhibiting the latest work of Geminivision. The creative collective collaborated with other artists at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.