Khosi Mpungose

Johannesburg-based Khosi Mpungose is a multimedia designer, owner of design firm, The Handsome Setup, and a 2015 Emerging Creative.

After completing a multimedia degree at the University of Johannesburg, Khosi Mpungose’s focus turned to visual communication. She is currently working at Microsoft as an intern and setting up her design firm, The Handsome Setup. 

Mpungose is in the process of creating a children’s book that incorporates geography, language, culture and history into an informative and entertaining series. The aesthetics of "Thandi’s Trippy Trips" are Japonisme-inspired with an organic and digital illustration style. Copies of the first book in the series will be available for purchase in a mini tote bag at Design Indaba Expo 2015, as well as framed infographic posters.