Kgahlego Kewana

A designer combining the unlikely worlds of medicine and fashion design.

Kgahlego Kewana is a doctor who at 28 years old decided to pursue a career in design. Now, the LISOF graduate wants to create interesting, boundary pushing, ‘doctored’ designs that are accessible to the everyday woman.

She established a platform called Fashion Meets Jazz in order to nurture other rising talents in the industry while she cultivates her own design identity.

One of her stand-out projects is a collection called Dr Jekyll & Ms Bloom. Mirroring her own life, the project sought to merge two seemingly opposite personalities into one union.

She drew on muses such as Marlene Dietrich & Tilda Swinton and chose fabrics that mirrored their strength & fragility, and their love with masculine looks.

The result was a tailored collection that was both masculine & feminine, hard & soft, light & heavy, reflecting the harmony she seeks in her own supposedly contradictory life.

She established her label, DOCTORED, in December 2017.