Jessica Le Roux

Jessica Le Roux is an ideation student and designer from Cape Town.

Jessica Le Roux is an Ideation student from the Inscape Education Group. She is currently completing her thesis which deals with the inaccessibility of healthcare within the Western Cape, South Africa and plans on using her skills to make a difference in the world.

Growing up she always found herself drawn to design, gaining some exposure to the creative field in secondary school, Le Roux set out on creating a dress made completely out of masking tape. Le Roux was then granted the opportunity to exhibit the dress ar the V&A Waterfront during hte Open Design Conference in 2015.

She chose to embrace this material and made a whol range of objects ranging from necklaces to coffee tables as well as creating sculptures out of the material. According to the artist, the range challenges the conventional, questioning the inherent purpose of the standard material (masking tape) used. The manipulation of the masking tape aims to connect and make complexities apparent, communicating that everything is dependant on perspective.