Great Things to People (gt2P)

Chilean architecture, art and design studio Great Things to People (gt2P) experiment with digital crafting to systematise local knowledge and cultural heritage.

Great Things to People (gt2P) are a studio involved in projects of architecture, art and design, established in Santiago, Chile. The studio is in a continuous process of research and experimentation in digital crafting, promoting new encounters between the technologies for projecting and the richness of the local expressed in traditional materials and techniques. Our work methodology has two dimensions.

First, they seek to systematise knowledge and observation, whether of natural, artificial, geometric or spatial, phenomena, through generative algorithms. Here parametric design is a tool to guide the planning of projects that they carry out, enabling the integration of its stages of design, development and production. On the other hand, the designers at gt2P have discovered an artistic dimension that connects them with their cultural heritage, through the incorporation of traditional experience and knowledge that feed and qualify the generative algorithms or DNA that they create. Exposing the unexpectedness of manual processes and local materials is a way to value what they do.