George Gibbens

An industrial designer with a fresh take on the problems we need to solve with design.

George Gibbens is an industrial design student of Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Keen to create new products based on the challenges of today, Gibbens has designed a number of prototype appliances that can be viewed on Behance.

His most ambitious project to date was the design of a manual washing machine to give people without access to constant electricity a way to keep doing laundry. According to him, the high constraints of creating a cost-effective electricity-free appliance made it a battle, but he ended up with an even stronger design solution because of it.

“A design needs to solve a problem. This has been my approach to design for the past few years. In recent times I have kept this philosophy towards design, although I've become more and more aware of the bigger societal and philosophical impact design can have,” says Gibbens.