Francesco Zorzi

Francesco Zorzi is an italian illustrator and visual designer. Based in Tuscany, he is also the Creative Director and co-founder of
Francesco Zorzi
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Francesco Zorzi is an Italian illustrator and visual designer featured among the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide by Luerzers Archive. He is also featured in other international illustration annual awards such as the 2015 American Graphic Design Awards by GD USA and the 3X3 Illustration Directory.

His illustrations have been recognised by Creative Quarterly, Juxtapoz Magazine, D La Repubblica, and have been featured in The New York Observer, The Boston Globe, Advertising Age, Hemispheres Magazine.

Based in Tuscany, he grew up surrounded by illustrated books, comics and posters and began working in comics and illustration when he was in his 20s. After receiving his MFA in Architecture in 2000, he co-founded near Florence, Italy. What began as a 3-person studio has now expanded to 18 employees.

He has always been interested in understanding and improving new processes of creation in the field of visual design. Francesco is accustomed to gathering ideas and drafts hand-sketches in DIY-binded sketchbooks using pencils, felt-tips pens, watercolours, Pantone and India ink, later redesigning and shaping them into digital bits on an iPad and Mac.

He is in love with Swiss design, a style based on simplicity, legibility and objectivity. He is also inspired by the pop visual spirit of the Push Pin Studios, the stunning works of Paul Rand and Saul Bass, and by Italian visual design culture's masters: Bruno Munari and Albe Steiner. He also draws inspiration from Italian illustrators from the 1930s such as Sergio Tofano, and from the 1950s, Leonardo Mattioli.

His influences come from many sources: from comics (Andrea Pazienza's creativity, Carl Barks' inventions, Floyd Gottfredson's sexy lines), from literature (Italo Calvino), cinema and from a wide variety of music.