Fezokuhle Dimba

Fezokuhle Dimba is a fashion designer.

Fezokuhle Dimba is an emerging fashion designer from Durban, South Africa. Through her work, she explores sustainable design through upcycling items regarded as waste, such as plastic and scraps of fabric. The designer uses fashion runways and exhibitions to push for eco-fashion and encourages others to be mindful about how consumerism affects the environment and well being of each individual.

Her brand Love Hate Designs has been showcased at South African Fashion Week, the KZNSA Gallery and the Durban University of Technology'S Annual fashion show. Her clothing is made from sustainable fabrics and contributes to eco-fashion for a sustainable future in the South African fashion industry.

Her most celebrated work is his collection 'Art of Fashion' The collection is an Afro-future, sustainable collection. It explores sustainable designs through practising zero waste by upcycling, recycling waste such as cement bags created for aprons overlayered with dresses, plastics recycled and weaved into belts and scraps from hessian fabric to create new textiles. This is styled with dresses made from 100% natural fabrics, with slack pants underneath to give a layered and edgy afro-centric style.