Ellie Frymire

Ellie recognised the power of meaningful design and intentional presentation of data.

Ellie Frymire’s journey began when she discovered the joy of puzzles as a child. This love of puzzles propelled her to pursue mathematics throughout her education, ultimately graduating from Villanova University in 2013 with a bachelors degree in mathematics. She then began her career as a consultant for Deloitte Consulting. After four years of seeing the truth in the data often misunderstood, she discovered that there’s a greater challenge when it comes to our data: Insights are meaningless if they can’t be understood by everyone.

Frymire recognised the power of meaningful design and intentional presentation of data, and how it can shape understanding. This desire to tell the story of data brought her to Parsons School of Design, where she obtained her Masters of Science in Data Visualization.

Frymire’s project #metoo is an exploration in effective presentation of data. The #metoo movement is a increasingly complex conversation, and this project aims to help the viewer understand the overarching twitter sentiment. After scraping and analyzing over 1.4 million tweets, she uses design and presentation of data to answer the question “what are people really saying about #metoo?”

Frymire is now based in New York, working for Two-N Inc as a front-end javascript developer. Two-N is an award-winning boutique data visualization agency, building interactive software that turns data into graphically delightful informative experiences.

Frymire presented the MeToo project at antenna in 2018.