Courtney Hodgson

Courtney Hodgson is an artist and creative from Johannesburg.

Courtney Hodgson is an artist and creative from Johannesburg. For the young creative, South Africa serves as her biggest source of inspiration. Due to the melting pot of cultures that is South Africa, Hodgson was inspired to create Kiffkak, a brand that specialises in little trinkets and gifts with a special South African flavour to it.

From a young age, she found herself drawn to the various cultures of the country and this played a significant role in the brand development of KiffKak. She wanted to create something that was truly South African, devoid of any American or western themes and influences.

According to Hodgson, Kiffkak- at its core, is a celebration of South African culture. Her long term dream is to open up a chain of Kiffkak stores in South Africa that directly serve the local market by providing access to proudly South African gifts and merchandise while helping communities and aiding job creation within the BBBEE spectrum. The plan is to have distinct sections in each store, namely Kiffkak Cares, Kiffkak collabs and the Kiffkak product range. Kiffkak Cares aims to serve South African communities.

South Africa has a large thriving informal economy (particularly within the scope of the arts and crafts) that provides many opportunities to unemployed entrepreneurs. Kiffkak will work to bridge the gap between the informal and formal sector by selling these goods in the store and giving all the profits back to the communities where the products come from.