Caroline Vieira

Caroline Vieira is a Johannesburg-based ceramic artist and teacher.

Caroline Vieira is a professional ceramic artist who was born in Santiago, Chile. She creates pottery and stoneware vessels for her home and kitchenware label Artisan Eatware.

Vieira works with different mediums (including clay and porcelain) and creates unique, handmade ceramic artworks with various textures and glazes. Vieira also hosts classes at her teaching studio in Johannesburg, where she imparts her craft to adults and children alike.

She has an interest in exploring the different meanings that ceramic vessels have in the home and its relationship to surrounding architecture. Vieira has taken part in a number of ceramic-based art exhibitions as well as spearheading her own showcase, “Conversations”, at the Ebony Gallery in Franschhoek during the town’s Art of Clay Festival in 2015.