Bongeka Ngcobo

The creative using her craft to tell stories about herself and those around her.

Bongeka Ngcobo is a creative who has a great passion for photography, writing and film making. She uses photography to express herself as an artist and it is a place where her creative thoughts come to bloom and perfection. Bongeka inspires to be the cutting edge of what she does and in doing so, she hopes to inspire others. She seeks to be worth knowing than to be well known through her work. Her art is not only about conveying thoughts and expressing her feelings, but it is also about who she is, what happened to her and how it has affected her life and where she hopes to be. It is her investigation of being and self-discovery and a drive to discover the world around her. Bongeka holds a Diploma in Journalism and a BTech in Photography, specialising in portraiture and documentary photography.

Ngcobo's work was featured in Norwegian Online Magazine in 2018 and she documents her work on her blog, Interesting People.