Berna Buys

Berna Buys is a South African fashion designer.

Berna Buys is a fashion designer from Cape Town. She completed her Degree in Fashion Design at Fedisa. For the young artist, her creativity comes alive with three major factors. It first begins  with colours - the unusual combinations and harmonies excite her. Next it’s about the textural base that the colours are placed, printed, painted, embroidered or dyed onto. She's always touching and feeling the materials around her. Buys has a particular love for natural fibers. And finally it’s about the design in which everything comes together - be it fashion, interior objects, wallpaper or paintings.

Although qualified as a fashion designer, her love lies with textiles. Buys has been teaching herself and experimenting with screen printing, felting, dying, beading and embroidery. As well as sourcing fabrics and printing original designs onto fabric digitally. Still in the process of finding her voice, Buys creates all sorts of garments, from evening wear to bridal gowns and even wallpapers. Her work usually showcases geometric patterns alongside florals with hand drawn elements. Very much inspired by the country we live in, nature and art. 

As a homeschooled teenager the young designer taught herself how to design clothing by using her mother’s old college books. By the time she finished highschool she decided to carry on teaching herself new skills and growing as a creative. Her work is created under the brand name Adanna.