Anele Vezi

Anele Vezi is an interiors and furniture designer from Durban.
Anele Vezi
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Anele Vezi is an interiors and furniture designer from Durban. He completed his degree in Architectural Technology at the Durban University of Technology in 2018. Vezi always found himself fascinated with the ideas of "space" and "design" and thus started his business Vezarra(PTY)LTD, which focuses on spatial design, architecture and furniture design.

For the young creative, design is a learning process for both himself and his clients and sharing visions and stories has a lot to do with the end product. Vezi draws most of his inspirations from modern applications of African contemporary arts and linking it to interior design and architecture. He believes that details are very important and can visually make a lasting impression on any design.

His journey as a creative began in primary school where he used to compete with his fellow classmates by giving each other drawing briefs. This later grew into a passion for art, music and technology. Although he never had the means to attend an arts high school, he still had the vision of doing greater in varsity. Architecture was always a dream of his growing up and it felt only right to pursue such a career path as it fell right within his interests in the world.

Vezi's first furniture piece was a speaker and vinyl player cabinet that he had designed for his father, which later encouraged him to try new ideas. Together with his company, Vezi designs and creates bookshelves, chairs, hangers, pedestals, planter shelves and murals inspired by the likes of Nelson Makamo. 

His most successful project to date is his bespoke stainless steel frame chair that he designed and manufactured for several of his clients. It has become one of the company's most requested furniture piece.