Take Five

This week, readers loved our African Report, in which we profile Lagos-born textile and accessories designer Buki Akib.
Take Five


If Fela Kuti lived in the 21st-century and needed the services of his own personal stylist, Buki Akib would fit the bill. The textile and accessories designer was born in Lagos, studied fashion design in London and lives in Accra, Ghana. There she creates fashion that melds her West African heritage with a contemporary outlook that crosses borders. Read our African Report. 


Track of the Week is a dreamy remix of Alec Lomami’s “Kinshasa” by Danish producer CHLLNGR that shows the diversity of this Congolese rapper-producer's tastes. Listen to our Track of the Week. 


Artist Ali Aschman makes emotionally layered animations using handmade puppets and paper cut-outs. Read our Next Generation. 


From patterns to Pop Art we round up the top five tiles trends that emerged at the recent Cersaie international exhibition of ceramic tiles in Bologna, Italy. See our Lookbook. 


If you want to know how the connected consumer behaves in East Africa, ask Mark Kaigwa. He founded Nendo, a Nairobi-based consultancy that tracks how everyday people are using digital technology in order to help brands engage with them. Watch our interview. 

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