Take Five

Our coverage of various weaving projects around the globe captured the imagination of readers this week.
Take Five
Take Five.


Various designers around the world are using weaving, one of the oldest surviving crafts, in refreshing ways. Check out how the ancient technique is combined with progressive design here. 


Speculative design examines our present to imagine the products and services of the future. Read more here about the pioneering designers in this emerging field.  


AdFocus Student of the Year award winner, Tarryn Chudleigh, proposes that we look to fashion to guide us vis-à-vis food security. Read how here.


Oded Ezer designs a new font as a content-bearing tool to demonstrate the politicisation of pornography and the pornographication of politics. See how here. 


Based on the highest number of design awards won at international juried design competitions, the US won the 2014 World Design Rankings. Read more about global design potential here.

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