The Republic of Cape Town

It’s a local joke that Cape Town is a republic of its own. The Wallpaper* City Guide gives some hints as to why.

The Wallpaper* City Guide to Cape Town is your typical guide to the city, but it’s also not. Published by Phaidon, it contains all the mandatory information like the numbers for emergency services, the consulates, hotels and transport facilities.

But it’s the introduction that really gets one excited about Cape Town. With phrases like “laid-back and welcoming”, “jaw-dropping location” and “film-set paradise” used to describe Cape Town, I had to think “wow, and I live here”!

Divided into eight sections; landmarks, hotels, 24 hours urban life, architour, shopping, sports and escapes, the Wallpaper* City Guide mostly highlights the obvious touristy places to see and things to do. A Cape Town local would no doubt be able to add some gems to this guide. Nevertheless, the guide is informative and will ensure that you get to see the biggies in town.