Go big or go home

South Africans have known for years that 2010 would be a big year. The Loerie Awards are celebrating this with their BIG issue of Migrate.

Issue 11 of The Loerie Awards’s creative publication Migrate is a big issue, aptly subtitled "BIG". It’s filled with images and graphics, both bright and bold, and bleak and subdued. It has interesting ads and inspired pieces of writing from both local and international creatives.

Migrate features work from South Africa, England, Germany, Japan, USA, Denmark and Singapore and aims to enthuse and inspire it readers. With contributions from, among others, Clive Stewart, Animal Farm, Marcus Oakley, Foon Foono and David Prior, this 80-page mag is bound to appeal to anybody with an interest in brand communication.

Some of the pieces are inspirational, some are funny, some are different but they’re all interesting in one way or another. Migrate, which prints 4000 copies twice a year, targets the creative staff in agencies, design studios and branding companies.