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Every year since 2001, the Construction New Media Awards has celebrated digital design innovators. The 2008 winners are...

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Every year since 2001, the Construction New Media Awards has celebrated digital design innovators. With the constantly evolving landscape of new media, this year it was felt that it was necessary to create less restrictive, more contemporary categories - namely online, offline, motion graphics and innovation.

After redefining its categories, the 2008 CNMA received a record amount of 97 entries from students and professionals from across the country. A trophy was awarded to each category winner. One overall winner received the Grand Prix and the top student received the opportunity of an international internship.

Andries Odendaal (Wireframe, Cape Town), Patrick Burgoyne (Creative Review, London) and Alex Maclean (Airside, London) had the tough task of adjudication. The team spent more than 10 hours reviewing the top entries in order to give credit to the best work for solid, valid reasons.

Ultimately Gloo, in collaboration with Net#work BBDO, received the Grand Prix for the Youngblood5 website. Three students from the North West University took the top student spot. Gert Schoeman, Leana de Beer and Carla Erasmus will enjoy an all expenses paid internship of four weeks at Digit, Poke and Creative Review in June.

Silver Special Mentions
Ster-Kinekor WAP by Prezence
Youngblood5 website by Gloo Digital Design
Vodacom CD-Rom by Hellocomputer

Promotion by Neil van Vuuren, a student at Open Window. The objective of this piece was to create an original audio-visual experience that explores the concept of the word "promotion". The outcome was a five-minute Quicktime video intended for a contemporary audio-visual consumer audience.

Silver Special Mentions
Sleepless Night by Gert Schoeman (North West University)

Winner (Top Student)
Mossie, an interactive game by Gert Schoeman, Leana de Beer and Carla Erasmus. These three students from North West University created a humorous interactive experiment in Adobe Flash, and in Afrikaans (nogal), just for fun. Mossie features a "hitman" service to kill off friends or family suffering from one or more of the seven deadly sins.

Silver Special Mentions
Jack Daniels Crack Jack's Safe game by Hellocomputer
Adobe Keep it Legal: Lost in Programmeville game by Pixel Project
The Dirty Skirts website by Hellocomputer
Moonlighting by Hellocomputer

Winner (Grand Prix)
The Youngblood5 website by Gloo, in collaboration with Net#work BBDO. This website formed part of a three-month tactical campaign for 5fm's commemoration of Youth Day. The Flash-based website made it possible for the youth to create a "cause" and then see how other users of the site felt about the same topic. Outcomes of over 1 000 causes were created, 5 000 comments were made and 80% of the site's content was generated by its youthful audience. The site also offered important daily content for on-air discussion by radio DJs and ultimately the most discussed "cause" was run by 5fm as a real-world nationwide campaign.

Motion Graphics
Silver Special Mentions
Plainsite music video by Richard Armstrong (Vega Durban)
Jellyfish by Brendan Joseph (Vega Johannesburg)
Die Volk Is In Die Kak music video by Bernadene Varty (Vega Durban)


Trace Your Roots by Fluorescence is a cutting-edge 3D animation created for the SABC Trace Your Roots television show. The modelling and animation was done in Maya and Lightwave respectively.