20Q: Hellicar & Lewis

"Freedom at work is freedom from work" is a piece of creative advice that both Joel Lewis and Pete Hellicar believe to be true. The duo answer 20 questions.

1. What is the opposite of design?

JL: Entropy? But then what if the universe is one giant computer?

PH: Nature seems to be the best answer here. Design as an idea is very human.

2. Do you have a creative/business muse?

JL: Kesh/Ridley Scott.

PH: I am inspired by many things and people. I think England is my muse. I missed it terribly when I lived in LA.

3. What's your secret obsession?

JL: Lego. Not so secret.

PH: I have always had a passion for psycho geography. I love finding out about the places I inhabit and the layers of history that are in the world around us.

4.  How do you deal with failure?

JL: Define failure. I mean it! I don't think anything happens for a reason.

PH: Right now I am dealing with failure by attending physiotherapy and taking pain killers. Dislocated elbow from a skate fall. It really hurts.

5. Who in the world, dead or alive, would you most like to have a drink with? 

JL: Alan Turing.

PH: Robert Anton Wilson or Allan Watts. It would be nice to see my dad. I haven't seen him for a while.

6. Has design ever disappointed you? 

JL: Yes. I'm very clumsy so I'm always bumping into things.

PH: Design always seems to reflect a innate human need to want to try and make sense of the world. We live in completely "designed" worlds. Cut of from the realities of nature. I think my biggest disappointment is that design separates us from the world and doesn't often try and make the two work in a harmonious way.

7. To which faults do you feel the most indulgent?

JL: It's not a bug, it's a feature.

PH: Faults and flaws make us what we are.

8. What is the question you ask yourself the most?

JL: What time is it?

PH: Why?

9. Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?

JL: No. Yes?

PH: The Military development programmess seem to have such amazing technology. It's just a pity that it's for death and not for life.

10. What would you save from your burning studio?

JL: My Post-it® notes.

PH: Guitar.

11. What's one thing that you haven't done that you would still really like to do?

JL: See a Martian sunrise.

PH: It will arrive on the 17th of October. My little buddy.

12. Can creativity save the world?

JL: It's the only thing that will. In the long term? Too soon to tell.

PH: Creativity isn't just about coming up with new ideas. It's also about looking at what we have and using existing ideas creatively. I think that we already have all the ideas we need to save the world and more importantly our species. Less ideas and more realisation that we have everything we need to make it work.

13. What makes you laugh out loud?

JL: Pete Hellicar's awful puns.

PH: Private Eye. Makes both Joel and I laugh and then our blood boils.

14. What items would you put into a time capsule?

JL: Lego. Lichen. A Star Map.

PH: A recipe and ingredients for a nice cake.

15. Are there certain characteristics that all creatives possess?

JL: Yes.

PH: Yes. All our shit stinks.

16. What is something that you have learnt in the past five years?

JL: We are all going to die. Creating systems is interesting. Timing is everything.

PH: If you can't dazzle with brilliance, baffle with bullshit (I'm joking). Everything takes longer than you think and it's not about the destination, it's about the process. Enjoy now.

17. What's the best creative advice you've ever received?

JL: Freedom at work is freedom from work.

PH: Ditto.

18. If you were told that you had to live inside a work of art, which would you choose?

JL: Roden Crater by James Turrell.

PH: "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" - Oscar Wilde. This is an interesting read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_imitating_art

19. What is your favourite book?

JL: The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch.

PH: Right now it's London: A Biography By Peter Ackroyd. It's brilliant.

20. Which superhero do you most identify with?

JL: The Hulk.

PH: Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension.

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